Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Wai Keen search on Google still leads here!

Dear friends,

I noticed there are still a couple of visitors here, so I have to announce...
I am not updating this blog any more. I never have for a couple of months.

For personal stuff with a little bit about Internet Marketing, go to
For personal stuff with a little bit on Wedding Videography, go to
For pure personal stuff! (And a copy of this site...) Go to

I am not promising updates at these places, but at least they are alive in
my books!

And yes, I have blogged about this in these few places, Google still points
to one of my blog entries for a search on "Wai Keen". Truly amazing.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

4400 - A different kind of TV series

I have started watching 4400, a TV series cross between Heroes, X-Files and Taken.

It is really really similar, you have to have watched these series in order to understand what I mean.

This is from Wikipedia:

Why am I so busy lately anyway? I am involved in a couple of things.
1. Primarily, I am back at my old job as a part timer. I work two full days a week.
2. I am also doing video editing, and video taking. Because I haven't got too many clients, it's mainly video editing now.
3. I am doing a classified project with an old friend. I can't reveal too much.
4. I am working on another project, building website, and doing marketing for someone. I am working together with Zhiwei on this for a company in Singapore.
5. With Zhiwei, I have signed up for a course by World's No.1 Affiliate Marketer, Ewen Chia. So we would be working on doing marketing for an affilate product.

I realised something lately. Including 2-5, I have tried to start 8 businesses since I started my journey 6 years ago. So in effect, I have failed in 4 businesses, because they couldn't take off.


Why am I so happy?

The odds are on my side. They say out of 10 businesses, 9 will fail. So I will have to try 2 more before I get even. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Help! A lot of updates!


It's a good challenge, really. We just went for a wealth retreat in Genting, followed quickly by National Achievers' Congress 2007, then followed quickly by World Internet Mega Summit.

I am still in the midst of the WIMS.

From these three main events, I have at least 10 ahas to add.

I recently noticed that viewership had dropped drastically. Haha... I can't complain, really, I haven't updated. But do stay tuned. Lotsa updates coming soon! I promise!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Positivity - The Meaning Of Events Part 2

So how was it? What were your thoughts on my question?

The difference, in my opinion, is what the event represent.

For example, it's an evening at the shopping mall with your date.
A cleaner barks at you for dirtying the floors with the mud that
you brought in from the outside.

Purely looking at this situation, how will you react?

That depends on what this situation means to you. It could be

---Interpretation 1---
"She's so rude! She's obvously easily annoyed and likes to take
it out on customers. I don't have to take this kind of nonsense.
I can't let this disservice carry on either. I will either
i. Walk away in anger, purposely make the place even dirtier,
ii. Scold her for being rude,
iii. Complain to her manager or
iv. All of the above"

You might not do any of the above, but you would probably be at
least a little annoyed, right?

What if I explained what happened to the lady just prior to those
actions you saw before?

---Interpretation 2---

"Before you met Mdm Shelia, she had received a call from the
hospital about her daughter. Her daughter had met with a traffic
accident and was in critical condition. Mdm Shelia had informed her
boss, but was told she had to complete her tasks before she could

Since it was raining heavily outside, the muddy floors were one of
her final tasks. However, as luck would have it, a bunch of teenagers
were making things difficult for her. The hooligans from a nearby
school had been scolded by Mdm Shelia for dirtying the floors, so
they had taunted her by doing it repeatedly, on purpose.

You happen to come along at the wrong time."

That was a very tall story, right? Talk cock? Not likely, right?

But what's the difference between Interpretation 1 and 2, really?

Are not both perceptions a false reality? How can we know if either
reality is real? The only thing that is REAL is what we saw.
She scolded you. We imagined the rest about Mdm Sheila.

Angel or devil, YOU DECIDE.

But once you do... I want to say that you have made it real!

It is real because your heart beats faster due to your feeling angry.
It is real because you write in to complain. It is real because you talk
about it to your friends.

It is real because you feel compassionate. It is real because you ask
yourself how you can make her feel better.

Which version is better? You decide.